Public Play-Groups

Got a play group? Want a discount? We offer a 50 cent discount for each child when the play group consists of 10 or more children.

  • 4 years & up
  • Under 4 years
  • Non-walkers
  • $9.00
  • $7.50
  • $3.50
Session Times

  • Normal Business Hours
For bookings please call
03 5442 2009.

Please read the conditions before making any bookings.

  • The normal rules that apply to The Bendigo Fun Factory apply to the function hire where not listed here within.
  • No nuts or foods containing nuts are to be brought onto the premises, this includes party events.
  • No other food or drink is to be brought into The Bendigo Fun Factory premises, except where explicitly requested.
Thursday, May 28, 2020